Marine Fasteners Sockets

A screw drive is the system used to turn a screw.[1][2] At a minimum, it is a feature on the screw that allows for it to be turned. Usually it also involves a mating tool, such as a screwdriver, that is used to turn it. The following heads are categorized based on commonality, with the less common drives being classified as “tamper-resistant”.

Most heads come in a range of sizes, typically distinguished by a number, such as “Phillips #00” or “Torx T5”. These sizes are not characterized by a linear dimension, but are arbitrary designations in the same sense as a “Size 8” shoe or dress. Learn more on Wikipedia

Varieties of Sockets:
  • Socket Head Cap
  • Socket Set
  • Flat Socket Cap
  • Button Socket Cap
  • Shoulder Bolts
  • Hex Keys
  • Pipe Plugs
  • Security Fasteners